Shetland is an archipelago of over 100 islands, of which only 15 are inhabited.  The rugged landscape makes Shetland a very interesting place to explore with over 1500  miles of fantastic coastline and superb sea views.  There are many natural attractions all around Shetland including the famous Mousa Broch and Jarlshof bronze age site.  Shetland is also very proud to have UNESCO Geopark status with fascinating geological history and sites worth visiting.

There are also a number of indoor attractions not to be missed including the Shetland Museum & Archives as well as the many rural museums.

While it is possible to explore Shetland using public transport, some of the most spectacular sites, such as the Eshaness Cliffs, are not easily reached without a car.

Things to See & Do in Shetland

There is something for everyone in Shetland.  Outdoor activities are great all year round and in the summer we have up to 19 hrs of daylight during mid-summer (known locally as Simmer Dim). There is an abundance of wildlife throughout the year for nature enthusiasts or golf, cycling, kayaking, angling and diving for the active traveller.  

If you prefer organised tours, there are plenty of operators providing them both by land and sea.

Lerwick has a large leisure complex with a swimming pool and outdoor facilities while there are numerous smaller leisure centres, each with a swimming pool, located all over Shetland.

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Eating and Drinking:
There are plenty of great restaurants in Shetland, showcasing local produce, if you do not wish to cook. Alternatively, Lerwick also has a number of takeaways, most within walking distance from our apartment.

Visitor Information Centre
The main Visitor Information Centre is located at the Market Cross on Commercial Street and should be an early point of call to discover what is going on in Shetland at the time of your visit or to make tour bookings.  There is also an information centre at Sumburgh Airport and several rural information points located throughout Shetland, a list of which can be found here.